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Training Practice

GP Registrars

This is a training practice. This means that qualified doctors (GP Registrars) who are training for a career in general practice spend periods of up to a year working in general practice under the supervision of Dr Jo Harvey, Dr Mercedes Montiel-Ferra, Dr Charlie Dick or Dr Jennifer Field.

Medical Students

Medical students from Southampton University also join our practice for part of their training. You may be asked if you mind seeing them. They need this experience to qualify as good doctors.

Video Recording

We use video recording as an aid to teaching and learning. From time to time surgery sessions are recorded. You will always be made aware if this is proposed and will be asked to sign a consent form. Any recording made will only be viewed by the doctors involved in the learning and the recording will be erased within 12 months. If you would rather not be recorded, you do not have to agree to this.

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